Liberty Market

On Saturday we had the good pleasure of finding ourselves in Gilbert, AZ. One of my favorite downtown areas in the east valley. There’s something special about the old water tower, the splash pad under it, and the cool restaurants.

liberty market entrance in gilbert arizona

Liberty Market has been a personal favorite for years, and it’s almost always our first stop when we pass through Gilbert. Liberty Market is a restaurant and coffee bar, that has an almost idealistic setting, and delicious food.

liberty market

We sat outside on the Liberty Market patio, which is shaded by nice big umbrellas. On this particular day in April, we were marveling at the amazing weather.

liberty market lunch menu

We ordered the following: The burger of the day, which was a 8 oz patty with ham and cheese on top, a wood fired sausage pizza, a sweet potato muffin, a chocolate and salt treat, as well as the house-made chai latte. After lunch we ordered two espresso drinks from the menu, including a Cortada and an iced almond-milk mocha.


Phew! Sounds like a lot, but we downed it because of our enormous appetites.

iced mocha arizona liberty market

Food highlights: The burger was perfectly cooked to my medium-beef preference, and the sliced deli ham on top added a really interesting taste. The cheese was a smoked cheddar, which added a nice smokey flavor to the whole burger.

pizza gilbert az

The sausage pizza was cooked in the Liberty Market wood fired pizza oven. They churn out these pizzas night and day.

liberty market blueberry scones

The chai is home-made. I wrote about the recipe on Arizona Coffee.

wood fired pizza oven gilbert az

Ordering at Liberty Market is an interesting experience. They get busy on weekends, but waiting in line is fun because you can talk to other people about what they are planning to order, as well as watch the cooks prepare food.


At the same time, you can oodle over the baked goods and decide what sides and desserts you want to order. That’s what happened to me. I wasn’t planning to order the chocolate and salt dessert, but it looked so good.

best hamburger at liberty market

The espresso bar is situated in its own corner away from the main food line. This is perfect because it separates the coffee ordering experience. After lunch, you can stroll in and order coffee and watch them make it.


The espresso bar is surrounded by bar seating. So it’s a fun way to sit and enjoy your meal, and coffee!

stumptown coffee in arizona

The coffee is from Stumptown, and they also serve Mr. Espresso.

liberty market in gilbert az

So, next time you are in Gilbert, AZ, do yourself a favor and enjoy the flavors at Liberty Market!

Getting there

Liberty Market
230 North Gilbert Road
Gilbert, Arizona
Phone: (480) 892-1900