Little Miss BBQ

Have you heard about Little Miss BBQ?

There’s a 15 minute wait most days!

I’ve never felt so nervous about a simple barbecue order. Standing in line with a bunch of other folks talking about what they are going to order. Asking what is best, what they’ve had there before. It’s apparent that I’m the only one who had never been to Little Miss BBQ. Perhaps it was the 15 minute wait in line behind other barbecue fans who were discussing their orders.

In this photo, above, you can see the turkey.

If you haven’t been to Little Miss BBQ, go! It is quickly becoming famous in Arizona. In fact, it recently made Yelp’s list of top 10 restaurants in America. Seriously! It’s that good.


And, it has made my top list of best BBQ places in metro Phoenix. Little Miss BBQ serves all of their meat by the pound on butcher paper, and also offers a variety of sandwiches and sides.

Above, a photo of the brisket and sausages.

All of their meats, including the brisket, sausage, pork spare ribs, turkey breast, pastrami, and beef short ribs are cooked using oak and pecan wood from Arizona. Everybody I’ve spoken with heartily recommends the “fatty brisket”, but they often sell out early.

little-miss-bbq-sidesAbove: Cole Slaw and Potato Salad

For sides, you can get these awesome grits that are flavored with jalapeño cheddar. Absolutely delicious! They also serve up beans, potato salad, and cole slaw but don’t have chips or fries. I kind of like that they don’t have those. Feels a bit more healthy.

Here’s a picture of the interior where you place your order.

Don’t miss a trip to Little Miss BBQ when you are in downtown Phoenix!

Little Miss BBQ
4301 E. University Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 437-1177

Bertha’s Cafe

On August 10th, the team went over to look at a possible office space location and decided to treat Peter to lunch.

We had never been to Bertha’s Cafe before, but knew we had to try it.

I had the Chicken Pesto (Sliced chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, roasted red peppers and pesto mayo) and it was very good!

Bertha’s Cafe
3134 E Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (602) 955-1022

Tee Pee Tap Room

Having been around for almost 40 years, this Mexican restaurant brings local flavor to the table. If it’s your first time be sure to try the football sized Chili Relleno’s, which take about 20 minutes to bake, and contains enough eggs, chili’s, and cheese for two people.


The building is old, the orange booths are retro, and the food is great. It’s not a quiet restaurant, so if you’re looking for a nice quiet corner this isn’t the place. You’ll find some of the best Mexican food you’ve experienced at the Tee Pee.


It’s a perfect place to take friends from out of town or just about anyone who loves Mexican food. Don’t miss this one!

How much? $5-10

Where? Indian School and 40th Street on North Side of Indian School.

Atmosphere? Pack ‘em in and serve great food. Your typical 40 year old restaurant with orange booths and chips and salsa.

When? 11:00am- 9:00pm. This restaurant gets really busy on weekends and it could take you an hour to get a seat.

Reviewer: Chris Tingom

La Madeleine

Note: La Madeleine has closed it’s locations in Phoenix since we published this review.

This French deli and restaurant cooks a delightful experience for any meal. If you go for breakfast we suggest just about anything! They cook up a good meal of eggs, toast, and bacon, plus hash browns and the usual fare you’d expect in a good breakfast.

La Madeleine’s is an excellent choice for a conservative breakfast meeting or to catch up with friends over lunch. Sporting a delightful open atmosphere with plenty of tables, it almost feels like a converted home with multiple outside facing windows.

The difference here is that you order your meal deli style and they bring it to your table once it is prepared. You can also pick from a variety of baked goodies and sweets at the counter.

What to try? We love the Tomato Basil Soup which is absolutely splendid and they can serve up some sumptuous treats like their cakes and pies.

How much? Expect to pay $10+ per person including drinks.

Where? It’s a chain and they’ve got over 60 locations nationwide. We’ve eaten at the ones at Camelback Rd. & 32nd St., Shea Blvd. and Tatum, and inside Fashion Square Mall. Visit for more locations.

Atmosphere? It feels like a specious home with wood floors and decorative wall hangings.

When? Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reviewer: Chris Tingom

Manhattan Pizzeria & Sub Shop

Note: Manhattan Pizzeria & Sub Shop is under new ownership (since this review was written), and on a recent visit (2012) it was all vegetarian.

This small pizza and sub shop first opened in the mid 1980s and offers up a fantastic menu with New York City flavor.

We like the submarine sandwiches they have, try the Bronx Bomber, or the Chicken Parmigiana (it’s tops!). These subs are by far some of the best we’ve eaten; they’re certainly a notch above the big-name submarine shops you’ve tried.

The place to go for lunch with co-workers and friends when you want a great sub sandwich but want something two steps above fast food. This isn’t the place to take clients, as the atmosphere isn’t good enough for a serious conversation with somebody you’re trying to impress.

How much? $4 – 5 for subs. Pizza starts at $11.

Where? Manhattan’s is on 7th St. just south of Missouri or north of Camelback. You’ll see it on the west side of the street. Get a map and see the menu at

Atmosphere? Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, or sit inside. Seating is limited as this is a small shop. Take out and delivery available.

When? Mon-Sat 10:30 AM – 9 PM.

Reviewer: Chris Tingom

The Willow House

Note: The Willow House has since closed.

With some time to burn waiting for a downtown meeting, I visited the eclectic coffeehouse that’s really a house. Or it was at one time. Anyway, I like the arrangement, with several smaller rooms you can find a little spot for yourself or join a larger group if you prefer. The place has been here for years and it definitely fits with the bohemian/patchwork downtown aesthetic – there’s all manner of art and knicknacks for sale on the walls, and it’s the only place I’ve been in recently where smoking is welcome. I don’t know if it’s that way all around the joint, but people in the room I was in were definitely taking advantage – contributing their own “atmosphere” – shall I say.

The drink I ordered was well-made; I don’t normally have a white chocolate mocha because they’re too sweet, however here I ordered a raspberry white chocolate mocha on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. The flavors were there; the syrupy sweetness wasn’t.

As I was about to leave I remembered my ibook in my backpack; I thought “hey, there’s a chance…” and right away there it was – free wireless! Geek paradise. Well, for geeks who don’t mind secondhand smoke at least.

Where: 3rd Ave/McDowell – downtown Phoenix

Reviewer: Ben Wood

Date reviewed: 2/13/2004