Best Tucson Mexican Food

El Charro Café
311 N. Court Ave.
Established in the 1920s and continuously family owned and managed. They have the very best Chimichanga’s. They roast the beef slowly and then smoke dry for three days. It’s a unique taste different from any other Mexican food I’ve ever had. Voted best Chimichanga by USA Today.

Cafe Poca Cosa
88 E Broadway Blvd.
Visually this place is awesome. They have brightly colored interior walls and the menu is simple. So simple in fact, that they bring it out on a small chalkboard (it changes every day). There is only one thing to order by our vote, and that’s the sampler. You’ll get a taste of everything they have to offer (at the chef’s selection) and you’ll be delighted by the mixed flavor and superb taste.

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