Chipotle Cultivate Review

Here’s my quick review of the Chipotle Cultivate event which we attended in Scottsdale on April 17, 2015.

There are no burritos.

How could they do that? We found tacos (two for $6), and meatball rice bowls (also $6), as well as Kale Salads ($6 again) and a few more options like ice cream and coffee.


Beer and music seem to be the highlights of this event. I must admit, I was impressed with the beer tents. There’s a line of over a dozen beer vendors. Each vendor was selling three different beers on tap. For a 12 oz cup, I paid $6. It seems like everything at the Chipotle Cultivate event is $6.

Entry to the event is free, and held outdoors. It was a nice day, so we didn’t get too hot.


They have a kids event section and surprisingly all of that food was free! We got hot dogs for the kids, and juice, milk, and snack packs were absolutely free! Awesome! They had drawing, painting, and a few other things for the kids to do like t-shirt painting and such. Our 3-year old loved this part of the day.


I had a chocolate ale beer which was terrific! Then, I had some of the tacos. After that, I tried the DPA Cartel Beer which was also tasty!


So, if you’re looking for a fun time, check out the Chipotle Cultivate event. It was a one-day event. I’m honestly not sure if it will come back to Scottsdale.

To be honest, the lack of a Chipotle burrito was a bit weird. I left hungry, and that’s a shame.

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