DJ’s Bagel Cafe

That small bagel shop atmosphere and espresso combination you’ve grown to like. This Fountain Hills café is on Fountain Hills Blvd. They have the usual mix and match of bagel varieties for a good price. Mix and match to get the sandwich you like best made fresh for you in minutes.

Skip the tap water which wasn’t too good and enjoy a cappuccino or a old fashioned root beer.

It’s a deal for bagels if you just want that, you can get a baker’s dozen for only $6.00.

How much? Expect to pay between $4-6 for a bagel sandwich at lunch, less for breakfast sandwiches.

Where? It’s in Fountain Hills and it is on Fountain Hills Blvd. Easy to find. 13693 N Fountain Hills Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-3761, Phone: (480) 816-4155

Atmosphere? Sidewalk bagel shop with espresso and mocha drinks.

When? Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except Sunday when they close at 3 pm.

Reviewer: Chris Tingom

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