Fired Pie (Scottsdale)

I’ve positively reviewed Fired Pie in the recent past, and I’d like to offer another take as I’ve recently revisited.

Fired Pie is stingy. Yeah, from the moment they begin adding toppings to your custom pizza, they are stingy with the ingredients. I’ve seen this on multiple visits to the Scottsdale location. On my most recent trip, I overheard other customers discussing this as well.

For example, after they add each ingredient they ask “is that all?” It’s like they’re hoping I won’t add more ingredients to my pizza and they can throw it in the oven.

Also, they go really slow when adding the ingredients and don’t add them liberally. So, when they ask you after each ingredient “is that all?” it never is all, because you realize you want more. So, naturally you ask for the next ingredient you see that looks good. Granted, you could add every single ingredient to your pizza and I think they would add them, but who wants 8 kinds of meat on their pizza? I’d much rather get lots of pepperoni for the ultimate pepperoni pizza.

I’ll definitely be back, since it’s becoming a family favorite to design your own pizza.

Getting there

Visit their web site at for locations and directions.

(deer valley towne center)

(raintree ranch)

(scottsdale rd & greenway-hayden loop)

(park central)

(northsight & raintree)

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