Pita Jungle

I go to Pita Jungle for the delicious beef gyro, and for the superb turkey wraps. By far, Pita Jungle wins the award for one of the best gyro’s in the valley. I’ve tried gyro’s from at least a dozen other Mediterranean restaurants in Phoenix and nothing ever compares with the one at Pita Jungle.

pita jungle chicken dish

One of my other favorite dishes is the Wood FiredĀ Chicken entree. Served over a bed of mashed potatoes, spinach, and diced tomatoes, this is one of my comfort foods.

The Chicken del Sol is another favorite: They serve chicken diced over tomatoes, beans, and veggies. Then, they circle the plate with a “sun shaped” set of pita bread.

There are so many amazing dishes at Pita Jungle. You could definitely call this a Mediterranean restaurant, but it also has so many vegetarian options, too.

Pita Jungle usually has beautiful patios, and they sell wine and beer as well as smoothies.

Pita Jungle also has a fairly extensive kids’ menu which we’ve ordered from quite a bit for our daughter.

Pita Jungle most assuredly qualifies as a local-chain at this point, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share this local favorite with my readers.

Pita Jungle is a Phoenix-based restaurant chain with locations all across the valley. I’ve personally been to most of the locations, including those in Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, and Desert Ridge.

What makes Pita Jungle magical is their consistently good food, absolutely fresh ingredients, and relaxed familiar staff. Their wait-staff and cooks are so very friendly, and they are always able to answer whatever question I have about the menu.

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