Barrio Cafe

There is an entree at Barrio Cafe called the Chiles en Nogada and it is considered one of the best variations on this entree in the world. If you are at Barrio’s for dinner, and wondering what to try, we highly recommend it!

Chiles en Nogada

The flavors are delicious, and fresh! The entree is a stuffed poblanos pepper that includes chicken, apples, onions, pecans and spices. The dish is served on a white almond sauce with pomogranite. The pommogranite adds such a delightful sweet flavor next to the apple and chicken. Truly one of my favorites.


My father recently rediscovered Barrio Cafe and invited us to a Sunday lunch after church. I had visited back in 2007, but since then hadn’t had an opportunity for a revisit.

Barrio Cafe in Phoenix is certainly one of the best Mexican restaurants in the valley. It has wide acclaim from food enthusiests. Even celebrity chefs, and weathermen like Al Roker have visited.


The interior of Barrio Cafe is simple and elegant. It’s a small restaurant, with multiple small rooms.

Outside, the building is covered with colorful murals.


Getting there

Parking is available on the street or behind the building, and is free. We’ve found that the least-busy time to visit is on Sunday afternoons, but you may want to call and ask foor a reservation.

They are located on 16th St. in Phoenix.

Barrio Cafe
2814 N. 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 636-0240

Best Tucson Mexican Food

El Charro Café
311 N. Court Ave.
Established in the 1920s and continuously family owned and managed. They have the very best Chimichanga’s. They roast the beef slowly and then smoke dry for three days. It’s a unique taste different from any other Mexican food I’ve ever had. Voted best Chimichanga by USA Today.

Cafe Poca Cosa
88 E Broadway Blvd.
Visually this place is awesome. They have brightly colored interior walls and the menu is simple. So simple in fact, that they bring it out on a small chalkboard (it changes every day). There is only one thing to order by our vote, and that’s the sampler. You’ll get a taste of everything they have to offer (at the chef’s selection) and you’ll be delighted by the mixed flavor and superb taste.

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Tee Pee Tap Room

Having been around for almost 40 years, this Mexican restaurant brings local flavor to the table. If it’s your first time be sure to try the football sized Chili Relleno’s, which take about 20 minutes to bake, and contains enough eggs, chili’s, and cheese for two people.


The building is old, the orange booths are retro, and the food is great. It’s not a quiet restaurant, so if you’re looking for a nice quiet corner this isn’t the place. You’ll find some of the best Mexican food you’ve experienced at the Tee Pee.


It’s a perfect place to take friends from out of town or just about anyone who loves Mexican food. Don’t miss this one!

How much? $5-10

Where? Indian School and 40th Street on North Side of Indian School.

Atmosphere? Pack ‘em in and serve great food. Your typical 40 year old restaurant with orange booths and chips and salsa.

When? 11:00am- 9:00pm. This restaurant gets really busy on weekends and it could take you an hour to get a seat.

Reviewer: Chris Tingom