MOD Pizza

We tried MOD Pizza in Scottsdale recently. They have been open door only about one-month so far.

MOD Pizza is a new restaurant concept that follows the recent trend to build-your-own pizza. It’s literally a Subway sandwich shop but for making pizza. And, it’s somewhat fancier. We’ve tried several of these places for pizza. The notable differences were that MOD Pizza has a double crust pizza option as well as a single-serving size. The double crust option is a little strange. imagine if you will taking a thin crust pizza with cheese and throwing another thin crust pizza on top.

Even so, it was quite good. My only suggestion would be that the pizza could use a few more minutes in the oven. But, that’s a personal preference. I like mine crispy.

MOD Pizza also serves beer and wine, and has a huge assortment of salad options. You won’t leave hungry!

Getting there

It is located in the shopping center with Safeway, and across from a McDonalds on Scottsdale Rd. North of Shea Blvd.