The Rose restaurant in Prescott

Update: The Rose has since closed.

For my birthday I visited a restaurant called The Rose in Prescott and for dessert my parents and I decided to try two kinds of dessert. One was a walnut sort of cake which simply tasted amazing. Somewhere between a pecan pie and a butter cake. It was served warm with vanilla ice cream and it had a thin crust somewhat similar to a pecan tart yet served extra soft which made it melt in your mouth.

The next cake was chocolate and served warm with chocolate sauce and a homemade espresso ice cream. Apparently they make it at the restaurant. I was impressed as the flavor of an espresso shot came through and didn’t taste much different than, well, espresso.

If you have ever tried coffee or mocha ice cream this was very much better. There was less burnt coffee taste and more espresso crema you might say and it tasted fresh — perhaps made within a few hours. Quite good and worth trying if you need a good dinner in Prescott.