Umami Tempe

If you are looking for amazing ramen noodles in Tempe, you’ll want to try a place called Umami.

I visited Umami for the first time recently with a buddy from Wisconsin, and we both really enjoyed it.

The experience is similar to ordering at a sushi restaurant, in that you mark off what you want on a piece of paper. Then, a little while later they bring you your appetizers and ramen dishes.

We both ordered the ramen, and customized them to our hearts content.

The interior of Umami is simple, yet clean and refined. This is certainly not a super-fancy restaurant, but for casual ramen that isn’t bland, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Umami is hard to find, so call for directions. It’s located just west of Mill Ave. near an old church. There are plenty of free parking lots nearby. Follow the directions on the Umami web site.

I’ll admit that it was my first time in a long time having authentic ramen. I really loved it, and plan to take the whole family.

21 East 6th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85251
Phone: (480) 625-4565

Croque Famous Sandwiches

If you’re looking for the very best sandwich you can experience, you need to try Croque (it’s pronounced “crock” as in crocodile). This small sandwich shop makes some of the tastiest, fresh-from-the-oven baguette sandwiches you’ll ever find and I’m not being paid to say that.

croque famous sandwiches

The menu is separated by country of origin, and you can choose between French, German, Italian, and traditional American sandwiches. Croque also offers a variety of soups, salads, and breakfast selections.

The food takes about 15 minutes to prepare and when they bring it out it is served hot on a sandwich board. The sandwich is literally dripping with sauces. You can choose between white garlic and dill sauces and we found the lettuce and all ingredients to be fresh.

We suggest the Paris, or the Croque Special sandwiches and combined with any soup it’s a great deal.

How much? About $5 for a six inch (that’s plenty) or if you are really hungry, a twelve inch is only about $8.

Where? Southwest corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Thunderbird Rd. and also at Camelback Rd. and 40th St. (at the base of an office complex). If you want more info, head over to where you can see the menu.

Atmosphere? Sidewalk sandwich shop.

When? Open for breakfast and lunch, although known for its lunch menu.

Reviewer: Chris Tingom