Dutch Bros. Arizona Smoothies

The smoothies at Dutch Bros. Coffee are terrific! If you are looking for an excellent smoothie in the Phoenix area, we can’t recommend them enough!

Those of you who know me know that I run a popular site about coffee shops in Arizona. So, you may find it surprising that I’d visit a chain like Dutch Bros. Coffee. Yes, it is ironic, but hey, you gotta try it all, right?

Dutch Bros. Coffee sells smoothies in 4 different sizes: Kids, Small, Medium, and Ginormous Huge 32 oz.

strawberry smoothie scottsdale

Flavors: Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry Pommagranit, Berry, Mango, and I think that’s it. They do occasionally mix it up, and you can order a blend.

Smoothies are all natural, and you can get them dairy free if you so desire.