The Willow House

Note: The Willow House has since closed.

With some time to burn waiting for a downtown meeting, I visited the eclectic coffeehouse that’s really a house. Or it was at one time. Anyway, I like the arrangement, with several smaller rooms you can find a little spot for yourself or join a larger group if you prefer. The place has been here for years and it definitely fits with the bohemian/patchwork downtown aesthetic – there’s all manner of art and knicknacks for sale on the walls, and it’s the only place I’ve been in recently where smoking is welcome. I don’t know if it’s that way all around the joint, but people in the room I was in were definitely taking advantage – contributing their own “atmosphere” – shall I say.

The drink I ordered was well-made; I don’t normally have a white chocolate mocha because they’re too sweet, however here I ordered a raspberry white chocolate mocha on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. The flavors were there; the syrupy sweetness wasn’t.

As I was about to leave I remembered my ibook in my backpack; I thought “hey, there’s a chance…” and right away there it was – free wireless! Geek paradise. Well, for geeks who don’t mind secondhand smoke at least.

Where: 3rd Ave/McDowell – downtown Phoenix

Reviewer: Ben Wood

Date reviewed: 2/13/2004

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